About us

The company behind VVP- Virtual Visual Planner is Pallas Informatik. We are an Danish IT development company that has existed since 1982. We are located in Kongens Lyngby near Copenhagen. As a consulting firm we have over the years worked with Danish and international companies. Focus areas have been solutions for the transportation industry (train and taxi), the agricultural industry and the hearing aid industry. Today we have a special focus on planning tools and task management. Furthermore, we have developed app’s to be used in the health and elderly care.

VVP- Virtual Visual Planner is developed in close collaboration with some of the largest consultancy and science companies in Denmark, including Implement and Novozymes.

Today VVP- Virtual Visual Planner are used in a number of leading engineering, design, pharmaceutical consultancy company. VVP is particularly useful for development projects across borders and time zones, and where the employees are located at multiple geographic locations.

We hope you will enjoy the tool. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact us at sales@virtualvisualplanner.com.